2015 - 2016

Over the years, the “Year Of” program has provided a framework for looking at the relationship between science and religion, humans and our environments, the relationships between self and society, methods of conflict transformation, and – this year – our wellness.

During this Year of Wellness, we are hosting events, discussions, activities, and academic explorations of how our preconceived notions intersect with the reality of physical, mental, spiritual, economic, and relational wellness.

The title provides the frame for topics that encourage academic debate as the college aims to consider:

  • How do we compose wellness?
  • Is wellness composed merely in our relationships with food, sleep, and exercise? What about our relationships with other people?
  • How does wellness look between friends, lovers, and family?
  • What happens during major life transitions? What do we do to maintain wellness throughout these transitions?
  • Is wellness a perfect ideal that we strive for, or is it found in the “good enough” moments in life?
  • What happens in the times when wellness “hits the fan”?